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Load ‘em up boys! That’s exactly what you want to hear at 5 in the morning to embark on that next 11-hour road trip through five states. While nothing beats the camaraderie, the sheer fact you gotta be ready to hit the ice running the minute you step off the bus is a hockey nightmare. Whether it’s stiffness from lying face-first on the cold bus floor or back spasms from throwing your legs across the aisle.... spilling onto your buddy’s seat, there’s nothing quite like bus legs. Guess the only thing that makes the endeavor better is a repeat of Youngblood and coach tossing out KFC grilled chicken sandwiches in the locker room before lacing up for warmup.

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  • Acrylic - 100%
  • Soft and durable rib knit
  • Standard fit for most domes

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