1) Sauce a puck into the goal (goal could be a mini hockey net, bucket, tire, or whatever other thing you can find to Sauce a puck into - be resourceful and creative!)

2) The goal should be 12 yards away from you where you are shooting

3) Film yourself or have someone else film you saucing the puck into the goal.

4) Celebrate - Don't forget to celly after you score. Have some fun with it!

5) Nominate and challenge up to 5 friends and teammates to take the Sauce Hockey Challenge.  Your friends have up to 72 hours to take the challenge. If they fail to accept your challenge they are encouraged to donate to the charity below.  Nominate and challenge your friends by saying “I Sauce the puck to…"

6) Upload your video to the web (YouTube or other) and post on your social media accounts using the hashtag #SauceHockeyChallenge

7) The most important part! Make a donation to Humor to Fight the Tumor, the charity chosen by 2015 Sauce Champion Charlie Coyle of the Minnesota Wild.  Now we’re challenging everyone else to take the challenge.  Make a donation of whatever you feel comfortable with or can afford.  Together as a hockey community we can come together and make a difference in the fight against brain tumors!

Donate Here: https://www.humortofightthetumor.org/donate/

*Be sure to put “Sauce Hockey Challenge” in the comment section for the donation.  This will allow us to see how much good we did as a hockey community!

Additionally, Sauce Hockey will select random winners to win some cool prizes. Be sure to tag your videos using #SauceHockeyChallenge in order to have a chance to win.


About Humor to Fight the Tumor:

Mission Statement
Humor to Fight the Tumor is dedicated to funding research and patient services that will improve the lives of brain tumor patients. We do this by raising awareness, providing support and encouragement, and offering uplifting events that provide a sense of community and hope to affected individuals and families. Hope comes in the form of new treatments to fight this disease; a disease that produces devastating effects to a persons’ physical and cognitive abilities.

Core Values

Humor to Fight the Tumor aspires to honor God in all its activities.

Humor to Fight the Tumor strives to promote integrity and honesty by how we conduct our business and our events. We commit to being good stewards of all funds raised.

Humor to Fight the Tumor aims to create events that celebrate advances against the disease while respecting the hardship and emotional toll that a brain tumor diagnosis can have on an individual or family. Our hope is to create an uplifting experience for all who attend our events.

Humor to Fight the Tumor, by raising both awareness and funds, desires to significantly and positively impact both the potential outcomes and quality of life for brain tumor patients.