As a singer-songwriter, Blaine Long has been on a musical journey for more than 15 years. Born in West Virginia and raised in Arizona, Blaine was a high school dropout who had to learn the hard way, from serving up fast food to digging ditches and odd jobs. Blaine discovered guitar, singing, and especially songwriting. Blaine fronted an original Tempe-based band for most of the 90s.  When the rock band broke up, he continued as a solo artist and began playing solo at coffee shops and bars, moving around to Boulder, San Diego, Los Angeles, and wherever music would take him.  He eventually returned and has stayed in Arizona playing his original songs for a living.  Blaine has released an album per year for the last 5 years and shows no sign of stopping. Today, Blaine Long's music is marked by warm and soulful vocals and a powerful rhythmic acoustic guitar style. You can find Blaine on most nights, whether in Arizona or on tour, working on his craft in front of a live audience. 




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