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Speaking of the power of social media, that picture of you in your underwear with all the cash – was that a hard lesson?

The next year, it was Exhibit A on the NHLPA’s (lecture about) be careful when you’re on the Internet.

That came out when I was in Columbus in a bad economy (in 2008) after I signed a deal for more money than people thought I was worth ($18.75 million US over five years). But that picture? It was taken eight months prior in Carolina. We had an early practice the next day, so I was at home, lights out, sleeping by myself. A buddy of mine came in a little bit before midnight. Opens my door and turns the lights on. He’s drunk. I’m like, “Get out of here.” He won’t leave. This goes on for two minutes. You know how in Super Bowl parties, there’s squares? I’d won a couple squares so there was $3,000 in cash sitting on my bedside table. He goes, “Throw that up in the air. I’ll take a picture. I’ll leave.” This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard, but if this guy is going to leave? So I do it. He takes the picture and leaves. I’m asleep within seconds. #GetMoney #NationalLeague


- 50% Polyester, 25% Cotton, 25% Rayon
- Minimal shrinkage 
- Machine Wash