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Your parents forced you into figure skating as a kid, embarrassed but you made the most of it and focused on becoming an all-world skater.  When the time came to get into hockey, you were strides ahead of your piers.  When you moved to a new town for midget hockey, the boys googled your name and the secret was out.  You were the best player on the team, but stuck with the nickname "Twinkle Toes".  Being a first round pick and a mill for a signing bonus is a trade you're willing to take. 


Sauce branded hockey lace slides

Rubber sole w/ tread

Indoor / Outdoor Wear

Male Sizing:

S: 4.5-5.5  M: 6.0-7.5   L: 8.0-9.5  XL: 10.0-12.5  XXL: 13.0-14.5

Female Sizing:

S: 6.0-7.0   M: 7.5-8.5   L: 9.0-10.5  XL: 11-13.5  XXL: 14.0-15.5