#TradingCardTuesday (THE DAILY SAUCE)

#TradingCardTuesday (THE DAILY SAUCE)

This Tuesday we honor Link Gaetz and his deadly flop.....his lettuce in this photo is simply a masterpiece from the nicely layered sides to the buttery flow forest out the back....genetically awesome....vintage hockey hair at its finest. To keep his salad from tickling the back of his neck Gaetzy rocks a nice white turtleneck.....(We are pro turtlenecks here...all trends are cyclical, ex. Auston Matthews brought it back with the heavy SWAG in the Lou this past weekend for the All Star festivities) 

(Fun Fact) ~ "The Missing Link" was drafted by the MN North Stars in 1988 to defend their first round pick, Mike Modano.....he showed up to the draft with two black eyes from a bar fight the night before.

#CardBoardLegends #TheMissingLink #DualExhaust


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