It's been a while since the National Hockey League has seen a salad this pristine (Or a pose like this with a Easton aluminum 2 piece)……can you imagine how many women were in #91 Wilkinson jerseys at Sharks game pleading for an opportunity to run their hands thru that flow.  On a scale of 1-10, Neil's hair comes in at a 20…….most things in life are cyclical, so how much longer 'til flow like this is back in style in the mainstream...not soon enough if you ask me. (Fun Facts - In 2003-04 Neil played for the Jacksonville Barracudas for coach Ron Duguay whom was known for his unreal flow which I am sure Neil took note of………..a hairstyle not many can pull off outside of hockey players. Due to Neil's aggressive style of play…he was given the nickname “Big Daddy." #SaladShop #Flow #SaladSpartacus #KentuckyWaterfall 


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  • Nice job, hilarious! 🥗

    Mike Smith on

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