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Welcome to this weeks edition of Trading Card Tuesday.....this week we feature the legend himself Steve Yzerman. (For the record this card looks oddly like Joey from Full House.)

Hard to find very many imperfections here......minus the tight grip of the chair, the questionable backwards pose and maybe the dad jeans....otherwise the form is textbook / power play. The NHLPA letterman's jacket screams "I MADE IT".....the salad bar is all you can eat and full of excitement for this photo can only reminisce of those locks tickling the back of Stevie Y's neck floating thru the neutral zone ready to shatter a few D-mans ankles and go 5 cheese for another dub at the Joe. 

Good luck to Stevie Y and the rest of the Wings once hockey resumes......our only ask is that if Detroit wins Lord Stanley in years to come could you bring back the flow in this photo?

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  • As a die hard Wings fan I have started already, barbershop is on hold, as is hockey. We have a great crew of youngsters but I may have to have my ends trimmed before we raise the cup again.

    Don McClive on

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