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Posted by Mike Smith on

Trading Card Tuesday via the Daily SAUCE.... and do we have a gem here folks.....with the 18th pick in the 1st round of the 1990 NHL Entry Draft the Vancouver Canucks select Brantford, Ontario native Shawn Antoski and his TEXTBOOK filthy mullet.....not sure how he slipped to 18 with this follicle delight.  I realize GM's are most likely not mullet aficionados but they have to give some preferential treatment here. 

This week's Trading Card Tuesday is all about the LETTUCE....the flat top coming in short and tight and very well manicured while the sides have a nice fade to them. The mounds of spinach out the back with dual exhausts is just classic hockey flow. Sideburns? No thanks....maybe a larvae on the upper lip would be a game changer here. 

How about that vintage Canucks's like I have on my Beer Googles trying to read the eye chart at the doctors office... I am sitting down now with a wobbly pop in one hand typing with one index finger hammering the key board (My college prof would be proud) and I am light headed looking at them....can't imagine tracking them around the ice on a 1990 Panasonic low def boob tube. 







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