THE DAILY SAUCE (#TradingCardTuesday)

THE DAILY SAUCE (#TradingCardTuesday)

Welcome to this weeks edition of Trading Card Tuesday.....this week we feature the legend himself Rick Tocchet. (Props to the equipment guy here for coming up with this contraption on the dome of Toc....not sure if it is part BMX, NASA or Fireman's helmet inspired.....but A+ on the creativity.

Toc, who is the all time leader in regular season Gordie Howe hat tricks is ready to hit the eject button on the mitts.....such an iconic look....rolled up sleeves ready to shed the elbow pads when and if needed...this game was over before puck drop..... (92-93 season 48G,61A, 252 PIMS)

Per the back of the card ~ (Rick suffered a broken jaw last season but it only slowed him down briefly. He donned a face-guard resembling a football helmet and carried on where he'd left off, hitting like a runaway train and battling hard on the boards. He plays with plenty of emotion and drives for the net as soon as he sees an opening). Just an absolute unit and team guy!

Cheers Toc, looking forward to hockey starting again. yourself on the rollerblades during quarantine! #RoadWork 




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