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Posted by Mike Smith on

Welcome to another edition of Trading Card Tuesday, on this day we honor Phil, The Cup and a couple of dogs.

In addition to being one of the our favorite players here at the Sauce HQ and one of the most talented players in the NHL.....Phil is also a bit of a might recall a story from the Toronto Sun (Steve Simmons) that was later proven false...that said Kessel would grab a daily dog from a certain vendor near his condo in the city.....clearly Phil was made aware of this and decided to have the last and best laugh here.....what a league and what a vet move. 

Trading card company Upper Deck released its Series 2 set of hockey cards and included an insert set featuring the Penguins and their days with the Stanley Cup.... now this legendary image has been immortalized in hockey card form for collectors and fans worldwide. 

While most of our write ups consist of idiosyncrasies of the cards themselves....this one captures the true spirit of Phil and reminds us each and everyday to Prove People Wrong as there is a little bit of Phil Kessel in all of us......he is the definition of a beauty.... teammates (Past and present) speak highly of him and we would love to hang out with him for a day!

Cheers Phil....our 1st Star of the Game!



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