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 Welcome to another edition of Trading Card Tuesday....this week we feature the Russian Rocket and a nod to off season training circa 1991-92.

Before signing in Vancouver, Pavel Bure was featured in the 1991-92 Upper Deck series....... due to Bure not wanting to throw on a Canucks sweater without formally being inked to the team yet,  the Russian Rocket opted to wear blue thigh high shorts (Chubbies-esque, but well before they were a trend) showing off a nice pair of tree trunk quads with some juicy authentic Rollerblade brand wheels......and yes the carpet matches the drapes (Red wheels / Red laces).

Rarely do we include the back of the card....but for this one it is a must to showcase his colossal breadsticks along with the beauty wrist can't wheel around the Manhattan Beach boardwalk without a timepiece and a wood twig.

Pavel could probably still score 40-50 bingos in todays game.....must be the Russian gas......the salad, attire and post up on the railing for the photo shoot are impeccable.....Salute Pavel!

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  • I have this card of Russian rocket
    Any idea what its worth

    Jason on

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