THE DAILY SAUCE (#TradingCardTuesday)

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Trading Card Tuesday is up via The Daily SAUCE on our site. Mark Messier doing Mark Messier "things" featured in this weeks installment. If you haven't figured this out yet, sometimes you gotta do whatever it takes to WIN. 6 Stanley Cups and a long list of other accomplishments........Mess is what a role model looks like. Lets face it...sometimes a guy deserves the ol' stinky oven mitt in the chops......(Smiling while doing it......) You feels good. The missing front jibs here are a mint set up....eating fists, pucks and sticks for the betterment of the team is what it takes to win....nothing the team dentist can't fix later in life when you're ready for some new chiclets. (Take note kids.)

Only negative on this trading card is the brutal bucket....I've seen better headwear in coal least those come with a light on top.

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