THE DAILY SAUCE (#TradingCardTuesday)

THE DAILY SAUCE (#TradingCardTuesday)

Trading Card Tuesday: This card really makes us miss our and hockey.  Introducing Mike Grier via The Daily Sauce and this is one vet move of a pose....can you imagine how this photo shoot went down. (Photographer) "Mike, can you put your gear on and come pose for a photo for this years edition hockey cards?" (Mike) "Listen pal, just take the damn photo already".....I am no photographer, but I think it is safe to say this was opposite of textbook. The couch is a nice edition to the photo...looks like the Oilers killed a pair of window drapes from the wives lounge back in 1970's and reupholstered that chesterfield....classic interior design move.

Griersy still wearing his wrist watch in this photo has us perplexed....was this post game, staged or a just E Town flex. 10/10 no pizza review here just complete domination...crushing a slice of Za is such a POWER MOVE! Griersy 1, photographer 0....Game.....Set....Match. 

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