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 On this Tuesday we honor trading card LEGEND Mel Bridgman......NASA to Mel...we would like our helmet back!

There is a lot to like about this one folks......drafted #1 overall in the '75 NHL entry draft, Mel went on to have a nice pro career in the show.  The intricacies of the air brushed jersey that overlay Mel's gigantic traps are a true work of art.  The lip-pillar is in mid-season form with nice consistent color throughout.  Gotta love a few missing jibs on a hockey player, not to mention both upper and lower jaws participating in the vacancies. (The only thing worse could of been the OPC artist airbrushing some chiclets to fill the voids.)  The war wounds are most likely from his high PIM seasons with the Flyers.  The romaine is playing peek-a-boo out of the back of that atrocious bucket....for sure a fine from the boys going up on the white board for this lid selection.  Friends shouldn't let friends rock brutal toasters on their dome, it's part of the friend/teammate code. To be quite honest here, I saw better looking helmets in the lamp shade aisle at Home Depot last week. HOWEVER, the chin strap is nice and tight.... safety first kids.

 Can you imagine being a linesman and having this face looking at you telling you to "Drop the F'ing puck already you sh*t bag" on a draw.....or maybe this scowl is due to (See back of card) Mel getting married days before NJ acquired him.....we will never truly know.

Cheers Mel and congrats on earning an MBA after your playing career in hockey! 


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  • That lid is a Cooper meets Jofa with the worst of both. Dang Mel!

    Don McClive on

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