THE DAILY SAUCE (#TradingCardTuesday)

Posted by Mike Smith on

Jaromir Jagr what a masterpiece we have here.....a blow drier hasn't seen anything this sexy.......probably forever.  To be 100% candid here, I wouldn't even know where to begin to craft such an unreal salad.....can you even imagine walking into your local barber shop with this card and asking for this look.....the barber, I am sure, would have to go snag some power tools from his garage to give it a rip.  

There is something for everyone to love here.....full mud flap out the back, clearly intended for that crisp lettuce to flutter ever so gently out the bottom of a Jofa bucket.  The sides are nice and tight....probably just in case there's a meeting at 8AM sharp.....the sheer volume up top is so very impressive.....blossoming like a daisy in early June....we know helmets are mandatory....but how the hell could someone honestly make you wear paid big bucks to admire this national treasure. 

Jags.....if the NHL had an "All Hair" team (Similar to the MN State High School Hockey Tournament) you'd be Center, Left Wing, Right Wing, both D Men and Chicken Tender on that starting lineup. 


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