THE DAILY SAUCE (#TradingCardTuesday)

Posted by Mike Smith on

Baseball has Rollie Fingers (Greatest lip sweater in the game) but Lanny McDonald has the best caterpillar in all of sports....followed by Jagr with some of the finest lettuce and Al Iafrate with the savage skullet.

Now to detail this trading card......look at this mint setup.....white felt juicy tongues out like a true beautician, bullet proof Tackla pants and a sexy pair of (4 or maybe 5 roll) KOHO mittens with the 4" extensions....(Who needs an oven mitt when you can reach in with your hockey gloves to take the pizza out of the oven.) Solid lumber choice as well.....the white Canadien 6001 twiggy was truly a great weapon for scoring goals and cross checking the living shit out of opponents. 

Last but not least....going no lid in warmies was such a vet move but the real hero here is the mustache.....the best nose neighbor in the league.....the mouth brow is a great example of what dreams coming true looks like. A resume with 500 ginos, 1000 apples a Stanley Cup and an induction into the HHOF.....what a hell of a career..... cheers "Machine-Gun Lanny" 


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