THE DAILY SAUCE (#TBT Jaromir Jagr's mullet)

Posted by Mike Smith on

Business in the front and party in the back...sometimes referred to as a mullet and other times a "Kentucky Waterfall" or "Mississippi Mud Flap"....there is something special about those long locks flowing out the back of your bucket....or best yet, going "no lid" in warmies after you slick it back wet and showcase your beautiful salad to all in attendance. ⁣

2020 is the era of the "Modern Mullet"......circa 2015-16 Roberto Luongo begged fellow teammate to bring back the mullet.....Jagr agreed and by mid April he was closing in on his vintage look (#UnfinishedBusiness). The mullet, however, lacked the definition and volume ("Tennessee Top Hat") of its 1990s predecessor, yet the flowing curls still evoked shades of Jagr’s glory days. Like Lanny's mustache, Jagr's mullet belongs in the Hockey Hall of Famous Body Parts. ⁣

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