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The two line pass rule, in place from 1943 to 2005 (Removed in 2004-05 lockout season) , which required a stoppage in play if a pass originating from inside a team's defending zone was completed on the offensive side of the center line....unless the puck crossed the line before the player. This rule was implemented with the hopes of essentially eliminating the amount of cherry-picking teams did.

The problem was that defenses learned to use this rule to their advantage by sending all five of their players into the offenses neutral zone (Known as the neutral zone trap), making it very hard for teams to advance the puck up the ice, whether it be by passing or by skating it up the ice and defending teams could afford to do this, knowing that if a player received a pass behind them (in their defending neutral zone) that the play would be stopped due to the 2-line pass rule... the trap was both highly effective and passionately hated for creating low-scoring, boring hockey games.

Real Life (Beer League)

The elimination of the 2 line pass rule was great for the league hockey.....not so much.  Doesn't matter what league you play in there is always that one guy who never back checks or even crosses into his defensive half of the ice for that matter.....he just cherry picks at the far blue line looking for the 2 line pass and breakaway to pad his stats....this guy should get 2 minutes for being a D-Bag!


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