Tyson Nash (#ManRocketMonday)

Tyson Nash (#ManRocketMonday)


~Top Definition~ ⁣

MAN ROCKET (Per Urban Dictionary)⁣

In hockey, a male player whose physical appearance and on-ice skills combined cause men and women alike to become aroused.⁣

Trophy husband, former 4th line NHL pigeon, face like a catchers mitt and combs his hair with a pork chop and current TV analyst for the Coyotes...ladies and gentlemen feather'd and lethal for your viewing pleasure...... Tyson Nash.
Former NHL scouting report:
  • One of the NHL's best "shift disturbers"
  • Loves to unleash acrobatic hits whenever possible
  • Draws a lot of penalties and is exciting to watch 
  • Opponents love to hate the "frosted tip" look and the "soul patch"
Current status:
  • Renaissance Man
  • World Class broadcaster and deemed "The Poet" by the Coyotes organization for his TYSON-ISMS
  • Well known for eccentric wardrobes on Coyotes broadcasts (Love them or hate them...we think they are top shelf!)
  • Son (Ty) playing in WHL for Lethbridge Hurricanes (Rumor has it every time he attends a game Ty gets a goal)

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