THE DAILY SAUCE (#ManRocketMonday)

THE DAILY SAUCE (#ManRocketMonday)


For all you Bachelor fans out there…..who thinks Commie would be a perfect fit for next season?

His radiant, red flowing locks were the stuff of legends…all the mousse in the world wouldn’t give you this natural beauty…..also known as one of the funniest guys in the league when he played…which makes him a dual threat with the ladies…

Playing nearly 500 NHL games and suiting up for 15 teams and winning an NCAA title with the Fighting Sioux, Commie was a cult hero to many of us and he did not let us down…..

From hanging with
Metallica at the Saddledome and extra-curricualrs afterwards at Cowboys, the #22 Robe in Carolina, #PackYourS#!t / #INSIDERR for the people to the infamous picture of Commie in his Fruit of the Looms with all the cash that eventually made “Exhibit A” on the NHLPA’s lecture on being careful what you put on social media and of course our favorite…..Commie attended every single one of his teammates (Carolina) day with the Cup…..except the Euros…..always #FTB and #InOne

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