This "Floor It Friday" features Mike Commodore reliving some of his glory days in Grand Forks, ND at UND. Playing hockey at UND is like playing football at LSU or basketball at's one of the main events and attracts fans from across the state.

It's easy to "Google" Commie and see his many accomplishments like winning a national championship and scoring a goal in the title game to winning a Cup with the Hurricanes in 2007.....but we wanted to track down former teammates, roommates, etc to paint the true picture of life on campus as Mike Commodore. 


First off.....if I am a dad dropping my daughter off for move in day and I see this monster (Commie) coming out of Walsh residence hall I am speed walking and packing her back up and home schooling her....I can only imagine Commie and the rest of the beauties just running show at popular hang out spots such as El Roco and The Edge....endless bar tabs, enjoying the rock star lifestyle....livin' the dream with the boys on the team.


Without violating "Guy Code" we found a few Fighting Sioux alum to give us their fondest memories...

"I remember him (Commie) and his roommate (Wes Dorey) shooting apples in the in the dorm hallways...resulting in apple SAUCE everywhere."

"Girls love him, fans can't get enough of him and College Hockey needs more guys like of the he always had Metallica or ACDC on hard rotation"


Recently, Mike along with the rest of the 1999-2000 hockey team were inducted into the UND Athletics Hall of Fame. 

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