Daily SAUCE (Trading Card Tuesday)

Posted by Mike Smith on

Even if you didn't know he was a goalie and you would spend time with him...you'd know he was a goalie.....goalies are weird...there are many tendies that are rumored to be franchise goalies....very few actually live up to the billing...there are guys that not only make it to the show, but change the trajectory of their team...taking them from cellar dwellers to Cup contenders in a few short seasons...not to mention you have to have a few screws loose inside the ol' noggin to stand in front of a Ovi clap bomb coming at you at 102 MPH. (FYI - Ovi rarely uncorks a one timer full speed in practice because he doesn't want to send one of his teammates to the IR)⁣

Back to Dom.....just a really solid pose here for the Dominator......very high schoolish....with the hands intertwined on top of the Bauer bucket to eyes casting off into the distance...to us it looks like he is still pondering what the hell happened on the Brett Hull foot in the crease goal to win the Cup...cheers to you Dom for a storied career and for a goalie that did more contortions than Houdini and was always losing some piece of equipment when making a save.⁣


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