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Throwin’ it back to 2012 when we had the opportunity to shoot Paulina Gretzky for our Fall / Winter lookbook…..what a time to be alive…she did not disappoint. (Also featured in this issue was Jaime Edmondson ~ Miss January 2010 Playboy Playmate) Safe to say the crew at the Sauce HQ were pretty pumped for this edition.

Being a GOAT’s daughter is rare…..Paulina’s life has been different than average from bouncing around city to city with the family to being a favorite target of paparazzi.

At the time of the interview / shoot with PG (This of course was pre DJ) she was in the music scene working on her new album, she previously recorded a song that was featured on MTV’s Laguna Beach, but was looking to breakout with a new style that was uniquely her own.


Couple of our favorite excerpts from the sit down with Paulina:


SH: What does the word SAUCE mean to you?
PG: My friends and I always say SAUCEY, like when we’re going out with the girls “We’re gonna get SAUCEY 2nite”


SH: What’s your favorite kind of SAUCE?
PG: Vodka Pasta SAUCE (We were hoping for chest high lunar SAUCE here.)


#BornForGreatness #SexSauceRock-N-Roll


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