THE DAILY SAUCE (#TradingCardTuesday)

THE DAILY SAUCE (#TradingCardTuesday)

We know it's Wednesday......we were too hungover to write anything yesterday from partaking too heavily in MDW festivities. Going to take a rip off the ol' beaten path today with this one.....Steve Nash, today we salute you and congratulate you on your induction into the Canada's Sports Hall of had a career that most people dream made Canada proud and it was a treat watching you play over the years. You were the definition of a "Dishin' Magician" found joy in the apple and getting your teammates admirable trait that more kids should aspire to have.

 Gotta love the Tacks as the wheels of choice in this one.... overall great STY.  It's unfortunate they didn't catch you for this pose at a point in your career where your romaine was a bit longer and crispier and would have flowed nicely out the back of your bucket.....wishful thinking I suppose.  Steve, we'd love to have you drop the ceremonial puck at our next beer league game....possibly sing "Oh Canada"..... if your vocal chords are feeling strong. You can wheel on our top line for the power play if you'd like.....I don't think anyone would mind.  Ironically, I know a few goalies who couldn't stop a Spalding basketball from going in the goal even if it hit them in the chest going at the speeds of early internet dial up.  Thanks for memories......hopefully we see you at more hockey games in your free time in the future!  




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  • Very cool! I want this card haha

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