THE DAILY SAUCE (#TradingCardTuesday: Martin Brodeur)

Posted by Mike Smith on


Life takes me.....Marty Brodeur a lot of places and Enterprise is always there to help.....I enjoy the fact that Enterprise is an official sponsor of the NHL but they have been running the same commercial for like 10 years.....even Dunkin Donuts added a second all seriousness Marty Brodeur is one of the best ever, the guy has won more games in the NHL than I’ve ever won playing Chel lying on my couch like a complete degenerate, crushing 24 racks of Labatt Blue..... dump trucking bags of Dorito’s in my mouth and working on my milk bag body composition for upcoming beer league hockey season…but enough about me.

Marty, I’m going to go with a C+ on the lip sweater....your upper lip could use a little more watering and a few consecutive days of sunshine to help stimulate growth. The haircut I can admire....high and tight and well crafted for draft day to let the hockey world know that you mean business. The tie looks great and well positioned with the crisp white collared shirt. Lastly, lets have a moment of silence for the 19 GM’s who passed on you and your 691 career NHL wins and let you slide to #20 overall...............


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