THE DAILY SAUCE (#TradingCardTuesday)

THE DAILY SAUCE (#TradingCardTuesday)

 Hailing from Edmonton, DK makes our list for this Trading Card Tuesday.....this is one of my personal favorites. The dry spaghetti like hair is nicely complimented with a fine Regina rug residing above his lip. The side mullets are legendary and the receding hairline with front curls are a nice touch. The shape of one's lip-pillar really tells a lot about the man....Dave's looks like a cross between a standard cop-style mustache and 70's porn stache.  

In all fairness to Dave, most 70's hockey cards were full of close-ups like this where it appears OPC just snagged random guys photos from the post office wall and stuck them on cards claiming they were hockey any rate can you imagine lining up on the wing across from Dave on a draw.....I'd probably s#*t my breezers and have to go off for a line change before the puck even dropped.  

Cheers Dave and thanks for letting us take a few jabs at ya!


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