Canadian Hockey Boys “On The Bench” - Olly & Jacob Score Merchy Deal with Sauce Hockey

When fans start adopting your hockey idiom of stellar phrases like; “Sauce the biscuit”, “Give ‘em a hippie boys”, and “Greasy pair of mitts”, you know you’re in the game. So what’s the next step ? …Get a merch deal! On the Bench, the popular social media series of “eppies” (episodes) featuring Canadian hockey “pros” Olly Postanin and Jacob Ardown have secured a deal with Sauce Hockey for some sweet merchandise sporting the phrases and likeness of the dynamic duo. T-shirt and tank top designs launch today, August 11th, and are available for purchase at with hats and possibly other items coming in September. “On the Bench has broad appeal in the hockey community with fans from mites to NHL Players. Their clean, but slightly edgy, hockey fun fits well with our premium brand of merchandise”, said Mike Smith COO of the Scottsdale-based Sauce Hockey. “Fans will love the super-soft blended material of the t-shirts and tanks with Olly & Jacob’s custom designs and sayings”

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