Trading Card Tuesday: Shane Doan (Star Rookie)

This week's installment of our Trading Card Tuesday Blog, we salute a good friend (sorry Doaner, had to do it).  This pose is SO GOOD.  The salad bar is all you can eat.  In fact, you still have some of the best hair in the NHL which is a great honor. It's not quite as curly as your rookie card, but whatever, minor details.  The NHL should consider adding an annual award to the NHL Awards list for the player who best exemplifies both great hair and choses to go no lid in warmies (a requirement in order to win the award) just so the fans can get a better look at it flowing in the giant wind storm brewing in the neutral zone during pre-game.  The annual winner could be given your rookie card as the trophy.  Or maybe there should be a new set of post game 3 stars winners, voted on by the fans and the criteria is strictly how good of a hair day they are having.  Just brainstorming ways to improve the game. Cause lets face it, if you're standing still, you're not moving forward #rocketscientology.  Doaner, you're one of the best guys in the world and the game of hockey is lucky to have you.  

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